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The Science of Incrediwear

Incrediwear Technology

Why choose Incrediwear?

Improve performance

Increased blood flow and circulation promotes accelerated recovery, keeping you in the game.

Recover faster

Regular use provides notable pain reduction, with increased mobility in affected area.

Prevent injuries

Anti-inflammatory properties keep you loose and less predisposed to injury. Think stretching.

Proven effect

Medically proven results show effective pain-relief for everyone from athletes to arthritis sufferers.



Study findings focused on the effectiveness of wearing Incrediwear sleeves to reduce time-loss for professional athletes.

  • 67% Fewer lower extremity injuries
  • 63% Pain Reduction for Osteoarthritis
  • 335 Fewer days missed
  • 46% Faster injury recovery
  • 0% Re-injury rate
  • 100% All participants experienced results
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All our deliveries are carbon neutral

We use a service provided by Shopify to:

  • Ship carbon neutral.
  • Remove atmospheric carbon.
  • Store carbon for 1000+ years.
  • Use solutions like ocean-based removal and direct air capture.

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