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Knee Sleeve
Joan Denihan
A Better Knee

I feel I am having good relief from using this Knee Sleeve. The severe knee pain, occasioned by a loosening of an old replacement hip, seems to be controlled, certainly lessened by the firm protection of this Sleeve. Thanks!

Ankle Sleeve
Kathleen P. Cunningham

Ankle Sleeve

Circulation Shorts
catriona coyle
Huge improvement to my glutes

Great technology- it really works !!!

Great Gloves

A great product the fingerless gloves.

Great potential

Knee sleeve perfect size and great support. Leg sleeve started good but started to slip down after the second wear. Would need to reorder in a smaller size to get any benefit. Disappointing given the price tag

Circulation Socks
Geraldine Cronin

Sooo cosy, love them,

Knee Sleeve
isabel lindsay
Knee support

I got knee supports and I feel I got my life back highly recommended.

Knee Sleeve
Carole Lee

My knee sleeve is very supporting and comfortable.

Great Fit & Support

This is the second one I purchased. I use them for support while playing tennis. It gives me the confidence to go for that shot that I normally wouldn't risk going for. It fits perfectly and doesn't fall down due to the two side bars and flexible fabric. Highly recommend!!!

Circulation Socks
Michael Bergin
A day and occasionally 4 weeks in hospital. A personal story.

I have been building up a supply of socks over the last few years. At every stage I have always been proven right to do so. Currently I have 16 pairs. Oops My carers are very happy to. I t always means I have a change. Perhaps I should use them at night ?
Currently I have a selection of bed socks, which were bought in Debenhams on Henry Street. That is a many years ago! They are extremely cosy and warm. However they are most certainly coming to their end of life .
Do you have any socks which are available and similar? I have tried the day ones, Alastair not wanting in night/bed socks. You might conclud I am a diabetic. In recent years I have had foot ulcers and cellulitis. Theist recent was in the early summer. I was in hospital for 4 weeks . I had antibiotics admistrated 4 times a day. I came out for any other needed dressing to be taken by the PHN nurse. Alas I collapsed to the floor on Thursday morning completely obvious. When the ambulance arrived I had a temperature of 40°c. Rushed to hospital. A secondary infection was found but the 2 could be treated with the same antibiotics .
What can be done in a situation like this? Is there any other socks available? In both cases the trouble starts at my feet or legs. For now no cellulitis in other parts of the body?
I know I have gone on a long pace.
But I do think it's worth giving you a few of my background. There is much more . They are all helped daily by wearing the socks.
Just what about night time?

Circulation Socks
Tommy Maloney

Not as good as I expected.
other than that good service

Only wore the gloves once as I lost them. Excellent will definitely re-order.

I went from short walks on level ground to hiking all because of these, one for each knee

Great for any problems with the elbow

I have nerve damage in the trapezius muscle, I suffered for 15 years with it. I tried the shoulder brace and straight away I felt the support and within 24 hours I felt a difference, I have worn the brace over the last 5 years and it has made a massive difference to my life, if it isn't an incrediwear product I don't go near it, there is no point in settling for second best

Hip Brace
Hip Brace Confidence and Support

I received the hip brace to help alleviate pain and aid in support due to persistent sciatic pain.

After 2 weeks of wearing it I can confirm it has helped so much. It's very comfortable to wear keeping me warm and supported but also flexible I would forget I'm wearing it.

Knee Sleeve
Anita Healy

Knee Sleeve

I’m very pleased with my fingerless circulation gloves. The fingers are long enough to cover all the joints of my fingers and do seem to be helpful for reducing aches . The fine knit means they don’t restrict my hands while working and can be worn inside other gloves for outdoors.

Hip Brace
John Highland
Hip hip hooray

2nd one bought bad back and hip these certainly help to keep me active

Knee Sleeve
Fintan Whelan
Big improvement

I get a sore knee when it gets cold. I bought the knee sleeve and found it was an immediate improvement. Pain not totally gone but significantly so. I really noticed this yesterday when I went out without it on. The pain is what made me realise I had forgotten to put it on. I won’t make that mistake again!

Fingerless gift

Bought the circulation gloves and gave them as a gift. The wearer is thrilled with them and has found a great change in the circulation in her hands


Nothing seems to work for raynaulds syndrome,,,however these gloves are warm,, take size smaller tho.


Considerable relief with greater flexibility of fingers

Knee Sleeve
Mary Bridget McGarvey
Knee sleeve

excellent product as all incrediwear are. Delighted with the results.

Elbow Sleeve
Caroline Dowd
Elbow sleeve

Well worth buying. It works