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Arm Sleeve
Fiona Hickey
amazing products

ive a few pieces and I they are brilliant! geat support, great help , great product

Knee Sleeve
Carmel Fraher
Knee sleeves

I purchased the knee sleeves to help my knee osteoarthritis recently diagnosed. They definitely helped and I use them at different times of the day and night as needed. The order was processed quickly and delivered promptly.
I will continue to use them and would recommend them to friends and family.

Fingerless Arthritis Gloves

Excellent product

Knee Sleeve
Knee Sleeves

I find these amazing , feel like a young lad again

I found it very helpful with my complaint.

Leg Sleeve - Charcoal
Franconette Hoell

The leg sleeve is great and after using it continuously for a month now the material hasn't stretch and is still providing the necessary compression. Only negative will be that the top strap on one of the sleeves has unravelled, but I am still able to use it.

These gloves are absolutely fantastic I now have little to no pain since I got them

Knee Sleeve
Orla Conneely

Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve
aideen pollard
So comfortable

So comfortable, I forget I have it on! It stays on, doesn't slide down or roll up. I sit at a desk all day & it really helps, as sitting in one place all day makes my knee worse. I am very pleased with it. I may actually need a full body suit if you make one 🤣

Knee Sleeve
Noreen Harrington
Well worth buying!

My husband suffers badly from weak/painful knees, particularly in one where he had surgery years ago. The sleeves have been a godsend - he is able to move a lot more and for a lot longer without the pain and weakness he previously experienced.

Knee Sleeve
Eamonn Hewitt

Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve
Andrew Lewis

Well made knee sleeve - but offered me nothing that much cheaper versions have, will not use again

Hi Andrew, I am sorry to hear that can I ask if you are wearing it all the time ? It will boost blood flow and will healp bring freshly oxygenated blood to the area. There is no condition this is not good for - I am keen to know what type of issue you have with your knee ? Kind Regards Catriona Coyle

Body Sleeve
Martha Byrne

Does not do what it says on.the tin. Of no help

Hi Martha, sorry to hear the sleeve has not helped, would it be more support you were looking for ? I live in this sleeve as I play alot of sports and notice the difference as soon as I stop wearing it. If you are looking for more support I would recommend the back brace, the sleeve is only for healing and recovery, not support. Kind Regards Catriona Coyle

Knee Sleeve
Michael O shea
Knee wear

Exceptional support and comfort,it's been making a huge difference to my workouts especially leg day ,I suffer from arterial necrosis and it helps the blood flow combined with the compression shorts I bought as well

Shoulder Brace
Ansu Kiely
Good product

This like all other products from Incrediwear is very good. The only thing is my husband finds it very uncomfortable to wear as the strap goes under the armpit of the unaffected shoulder. I had to somehow pull it down so it’s not under the armpit. I’m 100% confidant the brace would work, it’s just uncomfortable to wear. Maybe wearing a tee shirt might help but I’m sure that defeats the purpose?
Overall, I have a lot of the products and very happy with them. It could be an individual thing as well.

Men's Performance Pants

Excellent quality product very efficient service

Sport Socks Thin
Helen ODonnell
Sports socks thin

They are absolutely brilliant . Thank you

Circulation Socks

Circulation Socks
Helen ODonnell
Thin leg to knee socks

These really effective and good . Pleased with all Incrediwear goods

Knee Sleeve
John Horan

This is keeping me moving, otherwise I would be left on sideline

Knee Sleeve
Mike Moriarty

Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve
Ansu Kiely
Swelling gone down

I ordered these for my husband who had a partial knee replacement in November 2022. Unfortunately, the swelling and pain was not going away. Someone suggested these so I ordered them. His pain and swelling had gone. He’s a happy man. I’ve ordered these for my family in USA from their site. Wit is recommend it.

Find it very very good

I fractured my fingers in both hands 4 months ago, having issues with stiffness. So I ordered these. My fingers are as stiff as they were before. I would recommend them.

Really helpful in managing pain.

I got my first pair of these Fingerless Arthritis Gloves as a present and I have been wearing them for nearly 3 weeks now. Both my thumb joints are very painful and previously was applying Ibuprofen cream on the joint but I'm having much better relief wearing the gloves. I'm really happy with the relief.