Incrediwear is dedicated to helping people live life to the fullest, unconstrained by injury, pain or fatigue. Our motto is life without limits, and our mission is to help people live active, healthy, happy lives.

We manufacture a range of highly effective therapeutic support wear infused with active elements. Incrediwear works by increasing blood flow to the affected body part, which can reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and fatigue. Incrediwear’s progressive products are developed by medical professionals, based on scientific research and trials.

Live life without limits

At Incrediwear we know first-hand how pain and injury can slow you down. We also know it can inspire greatness.

Years ago, a mountain biking accident, 3 herniated spinal discs, and an unwillingness to give up his active lifestyle left our founder, Dr Jackson Corley, staring down an uncertain future. Faced with competing medical recommendations and mounting evidence of the long-term dangers and ineffectiveness of spinal surgery, he took matters into his own hands, prototyping and wearing an innovative back brace. His dramatic recovery, return to athletic activity, and avoidance of surgery to this day served as the foundation for what would become Incrediwear: A committed pursuit to helping those in pain.

Radical pain relief for aches & injuries

Today we manufacture the Incrediwear range of braces, socks and apparel. You can buy Incrediwear online, or visit our store finder to find a retailer near you.

Incrediwear Braces

Incrediwear Braces can alleviate pain and accelerate recovery. Our innovative circulation enhancing fabric makes Incrediwear Braces easy to put on and less constricting than compression support wear, and they are breathable and moisture wicking for long-lasting comfort.

Our Incrediwear brace range includes knee braces, back braces, ankle braces and therapeutic sleeves. Read our testimonials to find out more about how Incrediwear Braces can change lives.

Incrediwear Socks

Incrediwear Socks harness Incrediwear’s circulation enhancing technology to soothe tired aching feet, regulate temperature and control foot odour. They are also incredibly comfortable! Our Circulation+ Socks are especially popular with diabetics, who use them to help manage the discomfort and health risks associated with circulatory issues. Incrediwear Circulation + Socks provide a safe, affordable alternative to compression socks.

Incrediwear Apparel

Our recently launched Circulation Shorts are the first in a revolutionary new range of functional active apparel.

Incrediwear’s active fabric is proven in medical tests to increase resting blood flow by up to 21.6% and blood speed by up to 22.2%. Incrediwear Apparel can accelerate recovery and decrease fatigue. Energize your exercise with Incrediwear.

Who uses Incrediwear?

If you are living with pain and discomfort, and looking to feel better without medication, Incrediwear may be able to help you. Incrediwear is recommended by medical professionals and used by professional athletes and active people everywhere. Read our Incrediwear testimonials to find out more about what people say about using Incrediwear.