My name is Michelle Guthrie and I've been competing in strength sports for over 5 years. From powerlifting to strongman, I have set records, competed internationally and continue to support the empowerment of women in strength sports. In 2018, Incrediwear joined forces with me and have supported my training and recovery. The benefit of Incrediwear products is they can be worn before, during and after training. I find the wrist cuffs and knee sleeves great for warming up, while my favourite piece of equipment for training is the back brace which keeps everything warm and supported when lifting weight. Even with injury, Incrediwear has been great, in 2021 while on a break from lifting I developed Sciatica and with the help of the Incrediwear hip brace I was able to get some relief from chronic pain. Outside of strength sports I am an avid outdoor adventurer loving to hike the hills and swim the seas. Incrediwear continues to support me in these adventures with their incredible socks for hiking and the body sleeve to warm up your core after swimming. No matter what, I always can find a use for my Incrediwear and I am so grateful for their continued support as my lifestyle and sports evolve and change. 

Michelle Guthrie

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