Exercise and Recover Over Lockdown

Did you know you are ‘feeding’ your joints when you are active? Cartilage depends on joint movement to absorb nutrients and remove waste. By increasing physical activity and wearing incediwear products can make a difference to your joints and overall health. Moderate exercise offers a whole host of benefits including:

  • Strengthens the muscles, ligaments and cartilage around your joints
  • Helps you maintain bone strength and quality
  • Increases your joint range of motion and joint mobility
  • Gives you more strength and energy to get through the day
  • Helps you control your weight
  • Makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep
  • Makes you feel better about yourself and improves your sense of well-being
  • Improves your ability to manage stress
  • Promotes stronger heart and lungs

Incrediwear is amazing because not only when you are moving does it have so many benefits but even when you are a rest it works by increasing blood flow to the affected body part, which can reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and fatigue.

As we go into level 5 restrictions we will have to set aside time to exercise. Keeping active as we come into the winter season can be easy to do when layering up with incrediwear products. The range of body sleeve products can be used for any pain or injury you may have that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

One of the most challenging and important elements of a successful exercise regime is maintaining a regular cycle. This can be especially difficult when you are experiencing pain, stiffness or fatigue. But these symptoms are the very reasons to try out our incediwear products on both rest and exercise days into making it a good habit!

Maintaining your exercise regime does take a strong commitment but by coming up with a plan you can give yourself every chance of making exercise a success! Set yourself goals and take every day as it comes, the Irish weather can mess up your plans but do not give up because YouTube home work out videos are free and great to do in the comfort of your living space. Allow yourself rest days to recover and remember to take time to recover.

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