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The human body is like a machine.  To keep it in good shape and keep it working, every part must work perfectly. But conditions like Sciatica, Arthritis, Piriformis Syndrome, TFL Syndrome, Groin Injuries or Upper Leg Surgery can cause chronic pain.  Opting for suggested treatments is sometimes not enough for any of these conditions.  External wellness wear can help a patient recover fast and safely. The Hip Brace can also offer support when there is a need for healing, Prevention or when there is an injury.

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While contemplating, patients often think whether wearing a hip brace will be effective or not.  Of course, a hip brace will offer many benefits such as boosting mobility and eradicating pain.  But for every patient the experience will be different due to the intensity of their pain from their injury.


Incrediwear garments are an innovative form of wearable technology, offered as an alternative to the traditional compression – based recovery wear on the market.

Our Products work in harmony with your body, relying on the elements of Carbon and Germanium, which are activated by your body heat, which then increase the blood flow and lymph fluid in your system.  This results in nutrients being carried to the areas that need them, while carrying away waste more effectively.

Our Incrediwear Hip Brace relieves pain and accelerates recovery for hip and thigh related injuries or conditions. It’s available for both the left and right hip and can be worn during and after the activity without restricting mobility and to ultimately provide pain relief and post-activity recovery. Just some of the symptoms our Hip Brace alleviates pain are:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip or Upper Leg Surgery
  • Groin Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Piriformis Syndrome


Incrediwear does not rely on compression to work unlike others on the Market. Instead, our fabric utilizes semiconductors elements, which when stimulated by body heat, release negative ions. These negative ions activate molecular vibration, which increase blood flow.  Incrediwear heals and recovers by getting oxygen and nutrients to the body quickly.


Hip Brace


A compression garment squeezes the area you apply it to and is essentially decreasing blood flow and we are now finding around the world that athletes are going away from compression because of this fact.

While wearing a Hip brace may take time to get used to, we can improve our back problems by correcting our postures. The simple way to do this is by maintaining an upright position, relaxing our shoulders back, keep our chest up and keep our core tucked in.  It can be hard to remember all of this in our busy daily lives.


Like many others, I too suffer with Hip Pain, and I was diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome a few years ago. After using Physio on many occasions, I now continue to use my Hip stretches and exercise at home more mindfully. And I always find Yoga helps in a big way for me. I have recently purchased my Incrediwear Hip Brace and already I find comfort and some relief.  It’s still early days but already I wouldn’t be without it.



In Ireland, nearly one million people, including an alarming 1,200 children, are living with arthritis.. Hydration is vital when living with Arthritis as these flush bad toxins out of your body, which can help with inflammation, and reduces the rate of friction between bones, therefore meaning you may move more easily. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain to the Hip.

There have been many studies on the connection between mental health and good posture. Some research has shown that people suffering from anxiety and depression are often seen to curl or hunch.  Standing straight has a lot to do with feeling better.  Surprisingly, many young people suffering from back issues nowadays and search for “where I can buy a Back Brace” online.


Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes!

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