Tendinitis, also called tendonitis, is a painful condition caused by swollen or injured tendons in the body. The condition is sometimes known as tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, pitcher's shoulder, or swimmer's shoulder, and can affect any tendon in the body. Tendons - which connect muscle to bone - allow for muscle contracting while stretching or twisting. Almost all body movement relies on the use of tendons, and when tendonitis flares up, it can be very painful and cause a lot of discomfort. 

Incrediwear has been helping customers with a pain relief solution for tendinitis for years, all without having to revert to medications or invasive surgeries. For those looking for an alternative to prescriptions and expensive surgeries, see below for recommendations on products to help relieve pain naturally.


Tendinitis can be caused by injury, disease, or overuse. It is often recognized by swollen, stiff or painful areas of the body. Tendonitis can affect any tendon in the body but is most commonly found in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, knee, or heel. 

There are occupational considerations for tendonitis and it is more common for those who perform repetitive motions and non ergonomic positions. Overexertion of muscles and overhead reaching can also increase risks associated with tendonitis. The condition can also affect athletes, with a wide range of sporting activities included in the list of potential development of tendonitis. 


If the swelling affects the protective outside layer of the tendons, called the sheath, the condition is called tenosynovitis. Both tendonitis and tenosynovitis can occur at the same time, causing pain to the affected area. Overuse of the tendons can cause small tears, which can have similar symptoms of tendonitis, but without the inflammation. Any injury related to the tendons is referred to as  tendinopathy, which is a bracket category that includes both tendonitis and tenosynovitis. 

Knee Sleeve

The Knee Sleeve can help alleviate symptoms of Runner's Knee, or Patella Tendonitis


Inflammation, which is the body’s natural ability to heal itself, can cause pain. During this process there is a build-up of fluid, which is the cause of swelling. At the same time, the increased blood flow to the affected area will show redness and heat but will ultimately contribute to the healing process. For acute injuries, more invasive treatment may be required. If you are concerned about a severe case of tendonitis or tenosynovitis, speak with your healthcare professional. 

Inflammation can also cause weakness in the affected area. It may be difficult to move the tendon or muscle during this time. Tendons become weaker with age, and many cases of the condition are found in the elderly. However, not all cases of tendinopathy are found in older age groups – anyone can suffer from tendonitis. 


Common treatment of tendinopathy includes the use of pain relief and anti-inflammation medications or surgeries. At Incrediwear, we prefer to support the body's own healing process by stimulating blood flow to the affected areas. Our wearable technology allows those who suffer with tendinopathy to find natural pain relief and long term recovery. Consistent use of Incrediwear paired with rest and avoiding repetitive action may be the solution to tendinitis you’ve been looking for. 

Additional preventative measures include: 

  • Warming up before exercising
  • Wearing supportive shoes
  • Taking breaks from repetitive exercises
Elbow Sleeve
The Elbow Sleeve and mobility can help in relieving pain from Tennis Elbow

Mild cases of tendinitis can heal in 2 - 3 weeks, sometimes even faster. By supporting the body’s natural healing process, you’ll soon be back to your everyday activities and favourite sports! As always, if conditions persist, contact a medical professional. 

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