Exercising At Home During COVID-19

EXERCISING at home has become the new normal. Regular gym goers looking to work up a sweat from home have changed their membership to online fitness classes, followed by morning and evening runs and walks. But for some, exercising at home hasn’t been easy as family and work life morphs into one under the same roof. 

So what can you do to get motivated? Here are some tips to help get you continue your workout routine at home until gyms and fitness classes reopen again.


Create a designated exercise space

Having your own area to exercise in is a great way to feel like you're on top of your workout. Clear the area in the house or in the garden of everything else and just put what you need there, yoga mat, resistance bands, free weights etc. 


Have a few favourite workouts 

Write up some of your favourite workouts to get you going and expand from there. Have the routine in your head, whether it is a warm up or stretching to get you moving, without too much motivation. Every few days/weeks, change it up and add some new ones into your routine to keep it fresh and interesting. 


Subscribe to online workouts

With the gyms closed, many trainers have moved to online fitness classes. Some charge a small fee, while some do it for free. You can stream full-length workouts online at a time that suits you. If live streams are what you like, set aside the time to really put the effort in and enjoy it. 


Apps can help

An app is a fantastic way to track and monitor your workout, ensure you're keeping time and doing what you should be. Download it straight on to your Smart device and away you go. Apps like Strava and Map My Run are great, or apps on fitness watches.


Mind those niggles

Before you start exercising, stretch and loosen up and if you have any sore areas, take it easy on them. However injuries can happen and Incrediwear products  accelerate recovery and relieve pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions. The best part is that they can be worn during and after activity to provide pain relief and post-activity recovery.

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