Working From Home - Getting the Most out of your Work Day


Working from home - Getting the most out of your work day


It’s not just exercising at home that people are finding difficult to manage during this pandemic - Working from home is also proving to be a challenge for most.


I have compiled some tips to help you successfully work from home and maintain the best work/life balance.


Create a dedicated workspace

Just like having a separate area for a workout, a dedicated area for working is essential to be as ergonomic as you can be. You want to have as much peace and quiet away from the rest of the house. Good habits take practice no matter what the setting, but in this current situation especially so.


The essentials are a laptop, a good internet connection, and ideally a desk with a good office chair. Ergonomic practice is essential and having a proper chair with lumbar support and keeping your eye line level with the top of the screen will help with good posture. If you start to feel sore, adjust the chair so you can sit slightly back, taking pressure off your hips. Try to utilise as much natural light as possible, but if not, good ceiling lighting or desk lamp.


Have a daily routine

Try and keep to the same routine you had before Covid-19. Wake up at the same time, shower, get dressed, have your breakfast and put on your regular work clothes. Working in your pyjamas at the coffee table is not going to make you feel like you are bossing it. If you normally walk to the bus or to work, go for a quick stroll around the block to get some fresh air. The majority of people are more productive earlier in the day so try to start early and don't forget to take regular breaks. Get up from your desk, rest your eyes or go and get some more fresh air if possible.


To-do lists

Having a to-do list is extremely important - it makes you accountable and keeps you focused. Try and get the more difficult tasks done early while you’re fresh and leave easier and more enjoyable tasks until later in the day when your concentration levels may not be as high. Ticking them off as you go along gives a great sense of achievement and motivation.


Limit social media

This seems like a given but it is possible to wile away a half hour or hour really quickly flicking through social media. If you don’t need your phone, put it on silent and leave it in a different room or simply log out of your accounts on your phone and laptop. Discipline is key to having a productive and less stressful day.


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